Hello, My new friend!
Welcome to my website!

My name is Midgie, and I am a city pigeon. You probably never met a pigeon from a big city. Do you like pigeons? Some people don't like us, but I say you have to get to know one!

Can I tell you the true life story of how I became the main character of “My Pigeon Heart”?

One day at the end of the summer in 2008, my author looked out her kitchen window and saw a beautiful white pigeon all alone under a big maple tree, eating the bird seed on the ground.

She found this quite unusual to see a white city pigeon under their tree, especially since she lives with her husband in the country.

My author said, “What is a city pigeon doing in the country? What a fine story this would be! Someday when I have time I will write a story,” she thought.

October came and the leaves on the trees were in full color. My author was very excited because she and her husband would soon be going on a very special vacation far, far, away. They were going to Israel to see the places where Jesus walked when he was on the earth!

A very unexpected thing happened, and the trip to Israel had to be cancelled. This made my author so very sad. She sat on her couch and had a good cry and asked God…”Why? Why did this happen? Dear Lord, I thought you would want us to go on this trip!”

She was very upset but knew it wasn't meant to be, not this time. She thought and waited, as she sat on her couch, but God didn't answer her question…or did He?

My author grabbed a pen and her spiral notebook. She began writing a story about a lonely white pigeon that lived on a ledge of a big old cathedral, in a cold busy city. That's me, Midgie!

She wrote and she wrote, throughout the day and night. All she could think of was this story! The ideas were flooding her head for two weeks straight! Her pen could hardly keep up with her thoughts.

My author stopped for a rest, and of course to eat, and wondered why was this happening?

She asked God again…

”Why are you helping me write this story about a pigeon searching for Jesus? I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working through me. I am really enjoying this, but I am not a writer. I am not an author of any books! Lord, you do know my heart, you know how much I love children and want to help them. You know how much I want to serve You. I have asked You to use me, to bring glory and honor and praise to Your Name. Not because I possess any outstanding talent, but because you often choose to use the most unlikely people!

For many years, I have taught Your children all about You, Jesus. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all children grow up knowing You? Maybe in a perfect world, they would.

If this little story about an orphan pigeon named Midgie, can touch the hearts of Your precious children, and draw them forever to know, love, and serve You Lord, then I succeeded in its purpose.

Jesus, we are so blessed to have Your Holy Spirit living inside the heart and soul of every believer! If we, as Christians, have the same Holy Spirit in each one of us, then shouldn’t we live united in our love for each other?

I do not believe you would want us to allow our religious beliefs or denominations to divide the ‘children of God.’

Jesus, please remind us to teach our children that You want us ‘all to be one.’

God is preparing all of His children to one day live forever and ever with Him in heaven!

Someday soon, I really will walk where you walk, Jesus!



100% of the Author's proceeds from the sale of "My Pigeon Heart" will be donated to Children's Charities.