Denise has spent most of her life actively involved in volunteer ministries. Her very first ministry, at age 22, was a Dance Program she formed in the basement of her church in Detroit which gave children from low income families an opportunity to take dance lessons. All ticket sales from their shows were donated to the church. More recently, Denise created a volunteer senior adult dance program for Baltimore County. For 13 years, The Guy's and Gal's Adult Dance Group performed in over 80 shows in Baltimore and Baltimore County. Denise has also taught Dance and prayers to children of St. Vincent Center, a home for abused and neglected children.

Additionally, Denise is active in her church community. She taught Liturgy of the Word (Bible Study) to children in her church for 10 years. During those sessions, she taught and acted out numerous plays and skits based on the Bible, involving the children. Denise also created a children’s Dance Group called “Dance for Jesus” that performed in Senior Homes and Assisted Living Centers. Denise also taught a Liturgical Dance Group known as “The Gate of Heaven Dancers," which performed in churches of all denominations. As a Lector for the first cathedral in America, Denise proclaims God's Word from the bible in readings to the congregation. She has been a Lector in church since the age of 22. Denise also serves as a Eucharistic Minister giving the Body of Christ in the sacred host to the congregation.

Denise is a retired Member of Dance Masters of America. She has been a winner of dozens of awards for Dance choreography in National Dance competitions. She is also a graduate of the Columbia School of Broadcasting. Denise worked as a voice-over commercial artist and was a newscaster on a West Palm Beach, FL. radio station.

In all, Denise has thirty-three years of Dance Teaching experience and is a part owner of the Piazza Dance Company in Northville, MI. with her two sisters.

About the Artist

Mary Elizabeth Dickman has been an artist for 21 years. She is an art teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. Mary Elizabeth currently lives with her husband Andrew, and their black lab Cody, in Owings Mills, Maryland.






100% of the Author's proceeds from the sale of "My Pigeon Heart" will be donated to Children's Charities.