“God-honoring, this fine story line works charmingly for children 4 to 12."

“'My Pigeon Heart' is a story for all God's children.”

“...it is difficult to find Christian stories that children think are entertaining--the books just aren't written!
Until now.”

"My Pigeon Heart" will spark a child's heart to seek a personal knowledge of Jesus. God-honoring, this fine story line works charmingly for children 4 to 12."
- Michael Richardson, prize-winning author and newspaper editor

"This inspirational story written for young readers encompassed me with its warmth. The author's quoting of scripture to apply to various situations teaches and renews hope for even the adult reader. 'My Pigeon Heart' is a story for all God's children.
- Mary Lee Swift, School Teacher-Harford County Board of Education

"My Pigeon Heart" is an excellent way for your child or children to develop a closer relationship with Jesus. I am sure children will enjoy Midgie's adventures; and at the same time, they will come to understand the importance of Jesus in their lives!"
- Jack Jackson, Fifth Grade School Teacher

As a parent of three young daughters under the age of 8, I think it is difficult to find Christian stories that children think are entertaining--the books just aren't written! Until now. Midgie's story finally brings us something enjoyable for kid's to read while also teaching valuable lessons. The fact that it is told from Midgie's point of view is wonderful and makes the story accessible to children.This book is unique in so many ways.
- Michelle Lamoureux Middle School Teacher and Mother

I think the story was funny because Midgie said funny things that people already know. My favorite thing was when Mary came and gave gifts from Heaven to Midgie. I think the story has a lot of adventure!
- Claire Lamoureux Age 7-- Grade 2-- Jacksonville Elementary

Midgie, a very special city pigeon teaches children many Christian values. The reader will grow to love this little pigeon and her very caring Christian ways. Midgie teaches children that God will provide for all of their needs, through the power of prayer. Children learn how to pray to Jesus by just talking to Him. The reader also learns how to be thankful in all things as Midgie was. Mary, the Mother of Jesus interacts with Midgie in a simple way that children will find it very easy to understand the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. "My Pigeon Heart" will teach your child about the Bible, God -given talents, prayer, singing hymns, and virtues, each of which is important in a good Christian life.
- Patricia Althoff--- Teacher of 20 years Shrine of the Little Flower Elementary School. Religious Education Teacher--16 years Baltimore City, and Baltimore County

"A beautifully written fiction story about a lonely, unloved pigeon and her voyage to find Jesus. On her way, she encounters different animals and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Midgie shares her feelings, concerns and ideas, very much like a child may have, and offers possible answers for them. At the end of the story, the author shares some of her feelings and thoughts as a child growing up in a troubled family and who discovers her talent and love of God. Is Midgie Denise?
I heartily recommend it to youngsters of all ages as an inspiration and guide for life."
- Dr. Linda Kay Page Lipton B.S., M.A. and Ed. D., Teacher and Administrator

Not having a strong background in faith myself, 'My Pigeon Heart' made understanding basic spiritual principles and a message of eternal love very easy to understand. I can only imagine it would have the same heart warming affect on a child just learning about God and his son, Jesus. I thought this book was extremely touching, an easy read with beautiful illustration to match, and gave me a renewed sense of faith.
- Meghan Immler University Student

My Pigeon Heart
Format: Hard Cover, full color, 9x12
Page Count: 100 pages
Price: $20.99
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ISBN-13: 978-1-60615-031-3
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