"My Pigeon Heart" will spark a child's heart to seek a personal knowledge of Jesus. God-honoring, this fine story line works charmingly for children 4 to 12.

-Michael Richardson, prize-winning author and newspaper editor

You may never have been fond of pigeons in the past, but after reading My Pigeon Heart, you will look at pigeons in an entirely different light.

Meet Midgie, a small orphaned white pigeon. She lives in a big city on a very “special” building – a beautiful Cathedral!

Her favorite resting spot is on a ledge next to a stained glass window, where she can hear the Cathedral Choir sing beautiful hymns and songs about God and Jesus.

She describes her hard life in the big city, always searching for food and being hungry. Although Sister Margaret Teresa, a kind Cathedral Nun, sometimes supplies the pigeons with biscuit crumbs.

Midgie believes that God and His Son, Jesus, live inside the Cathedral. She waits for them to come outside. They never do, so she believes they must have moved. Taking the advice of a song she'd heard - “Seek Jesus and you shall find Him,” she begins her journey to the country to “seek and find Jesus.”

Midgie decides it is her responsibility to tell everyone she meets about Jesus and how they can have eternal life!  She acts as a little disciple of Jesus. Midgie learned everything she knows from hymns she heard on the Cathedral ledge.

Join Midgie and meet her many converts along the way - like Mr. Big Bull.

Experience Midgie's many discoveries, like a home filled with bird feeders, wild birds and animals. While there, Midgie is attacked by an angry hawk!

Share in her most precious encounter with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who teaches Midgie about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Come with a little innocent pigeon – Midgie, on her journey to seek and find Jesus, and you, too, will draw closer to Him!

“My Pigeon Heart” is a non-denominational story, written for all of God's children.

“My hope is, that when children read my book – “My Pigeon Heart,” they will begin a life-long relationship with Jesus, or gain a better understanding of Him. That a child will learn to call on Jesus daily, talk to Him, tell Him all his or her cares, sadness, fears, joy, or anger. When children learn that Jesus will be there for them daily in all their needs, just imagine how this relationship will grow over the years and throughout their lives. Additionally, these same children will tell their friends about Jesus, too! My book also teaches about God's love, forgiveness, eternal life, Mary, the Mother of God, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, the Bible, even the love of praising God through song!  - Denise Sleete – Author of “My Pigeon Heart”

“I heartily recommend [My Pigeon Heart] to youngsters of all ages, as an inspiration and guide for life.”

 - Linda Kay Page. B.S., M.A., and Ed. D., retired teacher and administrator

A Sneak Peak:

My Pigeon Heart
Format: Hard Cover, full color, 9x12
Page Count: 100 pages
Price: $20.99
ISBN-10: 1-60615-031-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-60615-031-3
To purchase a copy, please contact the_sleetes@yahoo.com

100% of the Author's proceeds from the sale of "My Pigeon Heart" will be donated to Children's Charities.